Funding Opportunities

2019 Request for Applications

COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS: Practice Innovation Opportunity

Do you have an innovative idea to improve the behavioral health of your clients? Would you like to see your idea implemented at your agency or service organization?  The University of Pittsburgh Center for Interventions to Enhance Community Health (CiTECH) is funding a Practice Innovation Opportunity to support the development of novel ideas for improving behavioral health.

Community partners affiliated with CiTECH may request up to $25,000 for training, materials, and staff effort to support the development, implementation, and/or evaluation of a novel practice innovation.  Example practice innovations that could be supported through this challenge include:

Development and implementation of an innovative practice:

  • A new method of engaging clients into services
  • A new approach to therapy or service delivery
  • Adapting and implementing an evidence-based practice in a new setting
  • A feasible add-on practice that could strengthen the effectiveness of existing services

Training in an evidence-based practice at your agency:

  • Implementing all or components of an existing evidence-based practice
  • Adapting an evidence-based practice to be more feasible in your agency

Other innovative ideas for improving client behavioral health outcomes may include embedding behavioral health services in non-traditional settings or adapting evidence-based practices in other settings or different populations.

Projects will be funded for up to one year with a maximum of $25,000 in resources for implementing the practice innovation.  It is anticipated that between 2-4 practice innovation projects will be awarded.  Practice innovation proposals may address any area within behavioral health (e.g., mood disorders, psychosis, depression and suicidal behavior in pediatric primary care, geriatric mental health, trauma, addiction, etc.). Successful projects will balance clinical impact with the feasibility and sustainability of the practice innovation.

Applying is easy!  First, submit your idea (just a few sentences, no more than 150 words) to CiTECH.  We will invite selected applicants to pair with CiTECH faculty to further develop their idea.

Successful first-round applications will then be matched to CiTECH faculty to collaboratively develop a plan for evaluating the innovative practice in the context of value-based care, including the implementation of the practice, its costs, and/or impact on client behavioral health outcomes.

Submit your application by December 15, 2019 here.  Award notifications will be made after January 1, 2020.  For additional information please contact Shaun Eack, Ph.D. ( or visit CiTECH online at